Golden Thread Fire is a company formed in 2018 by dedicated and experienced passive fire protection professionals, passionate in the desire to deliver fire compliance efficiently and effectively.

Our focus is to help clients, both big and small, deliver, collate and manage a Golden Thread of Information in relation to the life safety structural fire components installed in their buildings.

Dame Judith Hackitt in her Independent Review of Building Regulations and Fire Safety ‘Building a Safer Future’ called for changes to the building management control process and related record keeping requirements, recommending a “golden thread of information” for every building.  This paper trail of information, from initial design, through construction and to all subsequent changes throughout occupation and use, would benefit all occupiers and other stakeholders and would be essential to ensure that buildings were being adequately risk assessed, properly managed, and maintained and kept fire safe by those competent to do so.

Government Response

The Government has responded to the Hackitt Review with ‘Building a Safer Future, An Implementation Plan’. For the full report please follow this link »

They have fully embraced Dame Judith’s recommendations and have stated the following in terms of communication, information, documentation and responsibility:

2.19 “It is critical that duty holders create, update, transfer and maintain a ‘golden thread’ of information to support delivery of their responsibilities”

2.21 “The Government .. will .. ensure that those responsible for risks fully understand them, own them and take measures to manage and mitigate them both in design and in occupation. They should also document and communicate these risks to all those with an interest”.

2.27 “The Review identified significant issues in the production and maintenance of key building and fire safety information by those responsible for the design, construction, refurbishment and management of residential buildings. The lack of complete, accurate and up to date building information did not support the safe management of buildings or give residents assurance that their buildings are safe. The Review made clear that the new regulatory framework must be underpinned by robust record keeping, with a digital ‘golden thread’ of key building information running through all phases of design, construction and occupation”.

A Complete Paper Trail

Those responsible for existing buildings, currently without information on their structural fire safety components such as fire doors, fire barriers and fire walls, can quickly and cost effectively create required documentation. industry standards are available to do this, e.g. BRE / LPCB Standard LPS 1197 allows previously uncertified ‘nominal’ fire doors to be inspected and certified and they can thereafter be inspected, remediated and LPCB Certified annually to provide ‘golden thread’ management control of their function and compliance.

LPCB Cerfification for Fire Delay Contractors

image courtesy of Fire Delay Contractors